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Recent Updates to BCT Indicators

The following list includes recent updates to BCT indicators. Note that updates are typically made to only a specific platform, so make sure that any listed update applies to the platform(s) you’re using.

If you’re not sure if you have the latest version, and you’ve saved the downloaded indicator file, you can check the saved date of the file to determine the date you downloaded it. If you downloaded the indicator after the date listed for the update, then you have the latest version.

The updated version can be obtained by downloading the latest version from the BCT Indicators Download page, accessible via your Member Dashboard. In some cases, you may need to remove the old version before installing the new, but generally you can install the updated version on top of the old one.

Remember too, that sometimes an updated indicator will change the way any saved defaults or saved templates function. This is especially true for NinjaTrader 7 or 8. If you install the indicator, and it doesn’t look correct, make sure that you reset any templates or defaults you may have stored for the indicator, as the old defaults might now be being applied to the wrong plot, etc. If you first remove the old indicator before installing the new, there’s a good chance that any old templates will be removed as well.

Recently Updated Indicators / Software:

  • 15-MAR-2021: MQ Regression for NT8. Allows for easier authentication.
  • 17-DEC-2020: EGOS Scanner for TS10. Resolved plot availability issues.
  • 12-DEC-2020: MQ Gravity Lines for TS. Now disables horizontal line alerts when the indicator’s alerts are not enabled and alerts are defaulted to ON for all horizontal lines.

Platform Abbreviations

  • TS – TradeStation
  • TOS – thinkorswim
  • NT – NinjaTrader
  • SC – Sierra Chart
  • MC – MultiChart
  • eS – eSignal
  • MS – MetaStock
Updated on March 16, 2021
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