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Where can I find the resource pages / User Guides for my indicators?

Resource pages are available for many Base Camp Trading indicators and services.  Indicator buyers can usually find the link to a resource guide in the email they receive on purchasing an indicator.

Resource pages can provide quite a bit of useful info.  They may include a guide that provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), setup instructions, release info, and more.  They are often updated as new questions arise where we feel others would benefit from the info.  They can also provide information about new releases of the indicator, which is usually offered at the bottom of the User’s Guide (sometimes called the Setup Guide & /FAQ, though it’s a User’s Guide.)

Resource pages also provide the instructional video that goes along with the indicator. Note that if the indicator is brand new, the instructional video may not yet be available, but once it is, it will likely be posted to the resource page.

Resource pages themselves are only available to those who have purchased the associated indicator, so if you try to reach one of these links and you’re brought to a screen suggesting you log out, then you may want to check with support to confirm that your account is properly registered to access the indicator or service.

The following table provides links to several of the available resource guides, available to those who have purchased the indicator or service:

IndicatorResource Guide Link
MQ Double Taphttps://basecamptrading.com/member-home/mq-double-tap-resources 
MQ Double Tap Scannerhttps://basecamptrading.com/member-home/mq-double-tap-scanner-resources 
MQ MZThttps://basecamptrading.com/member-home/mq-mzt-resources/ 
MQ EGOS Scannerhttps://basecamptrading.com/member-home/egos-scanner-resources/ 
MQ Gravity Lineshttps://basecamptrading.com/member-home/mq-gravity-lines-resources/ 
MQ Trender Pro 2.0https://basecamptrading.com/member-home/trender-pro-2-resources/ 
MQ Power LIneshttps://basecamptrading.com/member-home/powerlines-resources
Updated on June 2, 2021

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