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Where can I find more info about BaseCampTrading indicators and other topics?

Base Camp Trading offers instructional and example videos for many of its products. These are sometimes available on resource pages (link to list of all resource pages). Links to the indicator’s resource page are typically provided with purchase confirmation emails, when available. Some of the older indicators don’t have resource pages, and we can use other resources to find instructional videos on them.

First, quite a few of the videos are discussed in a set of two videos that Thomas and Dave did about indicators. The videos have a table of contents below them that indicate what’s covered, and what time that section starts in that video. This is a great place to start.

A second place to find additional content is via the Base Camp Trading youtube channel, which can be reached at https://www.youtube.com/c/basecamptrading. From there, you’ll see a magnifying glass icon which you can click on to enter a search term. That will bring up several videos related to your search term. Most videos will be short examples of using that specific indicator, while others may provide longer more in-depth indicator overviews.

Another source of information for your indicator is in the Base Camp Trading Store itself. Some products include an introductory video that is provided in the details of the product description.

One more source of information is the Base Camp Trading Articles, where some indicators are highlighted in essay form. One of the favorites is the Trading with a Ferrari article, giving information about MQ Momentum.

And remember that another good resource for how to use an indicator or system is to ask in the Live Trading Rooms, where Thomas, Dave, or Gary can respond to your questions about indicators, etc. If your question requires more than a short answer, consider breaking up the question into smaller, easier-to-respond-to questions. If your question isn’t directly related to what the trading room host is discussing at the current time, consider holding your question until there’s a lull in the action of the trading room, such as near lunchtime.

Remember, too, that it takes time to absorb information about an indicator or system, and gathering info from multiple sources, as well as gaining experience by using the indicator over time, will be helpful in mastering that indicator.

Updated on June 2, 2021

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