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Setting Up Renko Charts in thinkorswim

Please watch the video below that covers how to set up a thinkorswim chart with Renko and several indicators as used in our trading rooms. Note that this video doesn’t include the addition of the red 18 EMA, but that can be easily added.

Updated on February 26, 2021

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  1. If I have access to Ninjatrader’s UniRenko but I do my trading on Think or Swim, is it possible to UniRenko on Think or Swim? If not, I must have two PCs correct?

    1. While thinkorswim has Renko, it doesn’t have unirenko. The video goes over some options, and you can likely find more suggestions from thinkorswim users in the BCT Slack chat rooms. Some have established some workarounds that you can choose from. You don’t need to have two pcs – you can run both platforms at the same time, but on different screens, or just switch apps between looking at charts and placing trades.

  2. Do you really provide Technical Support with Splash website with your lean staff?

    1. Yes, we do use Splashtop to help provide support, and we work hard to respond to support issues quickly and efficiently.

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